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Advanced Paragliding Rating (PG3)

PG2 Required

Cost: POA

The PG3 is an advanced paragliding rating that demonstrates the highest level of flying skill. We can assess pilots on a case by case basis, please enquire for availability and pricing.

This rating allows you to become a tandem pilot and fly at advanced PG3 sites. There is a minimum period of one year from the date you achieve your PG2 to when you can apply for your PG3. You will need to complete a 30 km cross-country fight and the equivalent of an S.I.V. course. S.I.V. is a French acronym and stands for "Simulation d'Incident en Vol", which roughly translates to "Flight Incident Simulation". 

The PG3 course covers and tests for the following NZHGPA syllabus requirements:

  • Demonstrate ability to operate competently at high altitude or in mountainous terrain

  • Ability to assess unfamiliar landing areas from the air

  • Ability to determine wind direction during flight

  • Pendulum action wingover

  • Steep spirals

  • Big ears

  • 50% collapse (fast correction)

  • 50% collapse (correction after 180º turn)

  • Front stall

  • Full stall

  • B-line Stall (Optional)

  • Pre-negative feel

  • Negative spin

Flight Experience:

  • Held PG2 for at least 12 months

  • Total logged min time of 100 hours and 250 flights

  • Provide a 3D GPS track log of a cross-country flight of at least 1 x 30km or 3 x 20 km open distance within New Zealand, or 1 x 60km open distance overseas

  • Have logged at least 5 flights taking off from high altitude

  • Have logged 10 flights with height gains in excess of 500 ft above takeoff altitude

  • Have completed soaring flights from more than 5 sites, each with a minimum duration of 30 minutes


  • Obtain a minimum of 90% correct OPMF32

  • Hold a current First Aid Certificate

Once this is complete, you are signed off and hold a full PG3 advanced rating. From here you can progress as a tandem pilot or instructor.

Our Services

  • Are there any restrictions?
    Permission from a parent or guardian is required if you are under 18 years old. The equipment we use is certified to fly at weight ranges from 50-130kgs safely. A reasonable level of fitness is preferred but not required. There may be times where you need to carry gear uphill for short periods.
  • Is paragliding for both men and women?
    Yes! We have a fantastic mix of both men and women in our sport.
  • What happens when I sign up?
    We will make contact with you and send you your initial paperwork to get started. We will also add you to our Whatsapp group to relay information on timings and locations for training.
  • What will I do on my first day?
    You can watch for a few hours, or dive straight in. We won't ever apply pressure, everything is at your own pace. You have the opportunity to learn about the equipment staying on the ground, or fly on your first day, it's up to you.
  • When will I get to fly?
    You can fly on your first day provided you display safe control of your wing and a sound understanding of the equipment you're using. We need to see that you are in control of your wing at all times while training. Alternatively we have the ability to take you for a tandem flight with an instructor to experience the sensation of flight.
  • Can I finance my equipment and course fees?
    Yes, we have partnered with X to provide interest free packages for 12 months. Click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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