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Speedflying Rating (SWP)

PG2 + Additional 40 flights or Skydive C Licence Required  

Cost: $500/day

Equipment is available to use


Christchurch paragliding works closely with Jamie Lee's Speedfly School to provide a high standard of training to aspiring speedflying students on their journey to achieve their speedflying rating (SWP).

Jamie started his school to ensure that new speedflying pilots were provided with a good foundation of skills and knowledge, and will be best prepared to keep themselves safe through their journeys. Forming these good habits early on can make you a much better pilot as you progress.


Day one:

We will start at our local easy coastal site, Taylors Mistake. We aim to get 5+ fights in during a day's training & we can both hike and drive laps to break up the day. If the wind increases in the afternoon as it often does, we can do some high wind kiting near this site and start getting a feel for soaring.


Jamie will aim to meet people where they are at, and coach to their abilities and ways of learning as we are all different. Pilots often meet the licensing requirements within 1 to 2 days of training. The cost for the course is $500 per day. This can include gear if needed, and different wings will be available to try. In addition you will receive $150 off a new OZONE wing & $100 off a new OZONE Harness if purchased during the course.

We recommend reading and understanding the information in the NZHGPA Speedwing Technical Manual before starting the course. Feel free to bring any questions with you.


Speedwing Technical Manual

The SWP Speedflying course covers and tests for the following NZHGPA syllabus requirements:

  • Demonstrate 5 consecutive controlled forward launches in wind less than 10 kph with visual check of the canopy each time.

  • Demonstrate 5 safe landings within a designated area maximum 15 meters in diameter.

  • Demonstrate smooth, coordinated 90 and 180 degree turns with speed and dive control.

  • Demonstrate and explain an aborted launch and reasons for doing so.

  • Demonstrate safe use of controls including trimmers.

  • Demonstrate the ability to judge and allow for proper clearance from a ridge, other gliders, and other obstacles.

  • Explain the proper use of the trim system and its effect on glider performance and handling.

  • Explain the relationship between roll/dive and rate of descent.

  • Pass the NZHGPA SWP theory test.

There will be an exam to complete before sign off, this can be completed at any time during the course.

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