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We are sorry to say we are now fully booked for solo flying for the season. If you do want to learn to fly please still get in touch and we can note you down for next season (starting October 2024).


Tandem flights are still available.

Our Instructors


We offer training for all levels of skill from complete beginner, up to advanced training such as cross country and speedflying.

If you are interested in learning more and experiencing the sport we offer a paragliding introductory day. Our courses can usually be completed at your own pace in as little as 2-3 weeks or up to three months, it's up to you.


Paragliding Intro Course (PG1)

Our PG1 course is your introduction to the sport of paragliding. Typically a 2-3 day course, you'll learn the basics that you need to safely fly solo for the first time, and to make the decision if paragliding is right for you in a relaxed, low pressure and supportive environment.


Paragliding License (PG2)

If you've completed the PG1 Course and decided that paragliding is for you, the PG2 course offers comprehensive training which will allow you to fly solo anywhere in the world. Again, this course is run in a relaxed, low pressure and supportive environment with local instructors.

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Cross Country Courses (XC)

Learn the skills and gain the knowledge needed to fly safely in the big mountians. Cross country paragliding is the ultimate in free flight adventure. The team at Cloudbase is the perfect place to take your paragliding career to the next level.  


Speedflying Course (SWP)

If you love the thrill of speed and proximity (low) flying, speed flying is for you. Our speedflying course is run by Jamie Lee who is known worldwide for his skill and speedflying ability. If you're interested in this aspect for flying, look no further. You're in good hands.

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