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Tandem Flights

20-110 kg.  No experience needed

Adults: $280

Kids (16 years and younger): $250 

If you're looking for something to do in Christchurch or you're after an amazing gift idea then here you go...  Our flights can relax, inspire, and thrill all in one flight!


If you would like to book a tandem flight, please get in touch and let us know dates or days of the week that suit you best and we'll be in touch.  


Feel free to choose a site or let the winds decide for you.   We have a few incedible sites which offer a wide range of stunning views across the Pacific Ocean, Port Hills, and the city of Christchurch. Each site offers something different.



The tandem operation of Christchurch Paragliding is certified by the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority under Part 115. We follow strict regulations designed to ensure safety in every aspect of our operation. Rest easy in the knowledge our equipment is well maintained, our pilots are talented and experienced and the work behind the scenes has been done in order for you to sit back, relax and enjoy the flight. With this said, a waiver of liability must be signed before flying. 

Weight, Height & Age

- 20 to 110 kg, though weight limits will depend on the wind strength on the day.

- You must be taller than 130 cm for safety reasons. 

- No age limits, though people under the age of 16 are required to have guardian consent.

Flight time

Depending on the wind, we fly anywhere between 10 - 30 min. Allow 1 hour for the whole experience.

Photos & Video

All flights include photos and video.  We aim to capture a good range of high quality photos and around 2 min of raw video footage; enough to edit into a stunning 30 sec clip to show your family and friends. 

What to bring

Dress for the conditions and ideally bring a windproof jacket. We can provide one if necessary. Sturdy footwear is required.


Paragliding is very weather dependent. Please be patient as we will only fly in the right conditions. Parawaiting is a thing.    


Wind is a tricky one to forecast. Generally we have a fair idea what it'll be like 2-3 days out. We will contact you then with a planned day and time and then confirm 1 hour before your flight that all is good (or not). 

Medical conditions

You are required to disclose any medical conditions when you fill in our wavier of liability contract. Your condition may not exclude you from flying. Please inform us in advance if you have any concerns about a condition. 

We are all inclusive!

We are proud to partner with the team at Making Trax to help make adventure tourism accessible to everyone.  We have a specially designed flight chair which enables people of all mobility to experience the joy of flight.  Due to the extra weight of the chair though, this does limit participants to a maximum weight of 85 kg.

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