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We believe in total inclusion & integration through adventure

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Christchurch Paragliding is proud to support the inclusive tourism movement led by Jezza at Making Trax.  Through cooperation between Making Trax and the Rata Foundation we have managed to obtain a specially designed flight chair to accommodate people with reduced mobility for both tandem and solo paragliding flights.  The chair has been developed by French company Back Bone in conjunction with the Handicare section of the French Federation of Free Flight.  It is made from aeronautical steel which gives it strength and relative lightness. 

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Learn to fly solo...

or fly tandem.

Tandem flights

Avalible to people of all ability.  Only restriction is a maximum weight limit of 85 kg.

Flights are the same cost for all, however an addditional donation of $50 is appreciated to the Makingtrax Foundation for the use of the adaptive equipment.

Solo flights

To fly solo you will need to have full function in your arms.   If you have limited hand function, you will need to demonstrate that you can grip the toggles and lines with some amount of strength.  This is for safety reasons as part of your licence you are required to demonstrate 'big ears' which is a technique used to reduce the size of the parachute by pulling on some lines.  This requires a moderate amount of strength.

Course cost is the same for everyone, however an addditional donation to the Makingtrax Foundation is appreciated for the use of the adaptive equipment.  Spaces are also limited. 


If you are interested in learning to fly solo please contact Jezza at Making Trax for a consultation.   

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