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Beginner Paragliding Rating (PG1)

Cost: $500 

This 2-3 day course is the first third of your full paragliding license, and covers all the basics needed to progress safely onto your PG2.


Once you have completed our introductory day the PG1 course gives you the knowledge and experience to decide if paragliding is right for you. You will complete your checks and flights under the supervision of 2 instructors.


After your intro day the next couple of days will be spent doing more solo flights. There will also be around 2-3 hours of theory and a small exam. The whole process can be done at your own pace and is supported by your instructors the entire time.

The purpose of the PG1 course is to introduce you to the sport, and prepare you for the PG2 completion element of your licence. We provide all equipment and support during training sessions and will be available outside of these times via a Whatsapp group, should you have any questions. All flights completed during the intro day and PG1 course are credited toward your final requirements for your full PG2 license.

The course will cover:

  • Unpacking the equipment, prepare for launch, and packing up after flying.

  • The 5 point preflight safety check.

  • Canopy establishment or inflation of the wing.

  • At least 6 safe flights on at least 2 separate days.

  • Landing in a standing position.

  • Knowledge of hard landing techniques.

  • Site and weather assessment of suitable and safe conditions to fly in.

  • A safe attitude towards paragliding.

  • A small theory exam.

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